Popcorn & Company Movie Night Popcorn Kernels Seeds with Popcorn Seasoning

Healthy, Non -GMO Popcorn Kernels

Popcorn & Company collection of premium variety Non -GMO 100% Natural popcorn kernels is the healthy answer to family snacking. Low calorie and low fat – you control your oil usage.

Mouth Watering Popcorn Seasonings

This popcorn seasoning variety pack includes a wide range of popcorn flavoring to suit every taste, from Butter Salted to Garlic Cheddar Cheese to Papdi Chat, to Peri Peri, Tangy & Spicy BBQ and Hot & Sweet Ketchup Seasoning. Turning tasty, high quality popcorn into something really special – just sprinkle the popcorn seasoning over freshly popped popcorn kernels as desired.

Not Just Popcorn

These delicious seasoning unlimited to spicing up your popcorn – try sprinkling our savory popcorn flavoring’s over Salads, Frozen or Fried Food, Sandwiches, Noodles, Nuts, Chips and corn.

Natural Flavors

We know you care what goes into your food, because we care too, That’s why we label our product clearly, so you can see what’s in them for yourself ! Popcorn & Company popcorn kernels are NON -GMO 100% Natural.

Cheddar Cheese Masala, Instant Seasoning Mix

Cheddar Cheese Seasoning from Popcorn and Co makes any meal a cheesy dream! Sprinkle over nachos, chickpea salad, mac and cheese, pizza or even dips to create a cheesylicious meal. The Cheddar cheese powder is also useful for baked potatoes, pastas and salads.

Peri Peri Masala, Instant Seasoning Mix

Peri Peri is made from the famous African Red chili. Use Peri Peri in your everyday food or sprinkle it on your favorite French Fries to get a spicy and tangy twist to food. Spicy in taste and tangy in flavor, Popcorn and Company’s peri peri seasonings will surely make you ask for more!

Tangy and Spicy BBQ Masala, Instant Seasoning Mix

A smoky, flame-grilled flavor that’ll get your taste buds sizzling! Shake over grilled meats, veggies, stews, fries, skewers and more! All natural, this tasty seasoning has all the flavors of a summer BBQ in a bottle! Our Tangy and spicy BBQ seasoning is great for grilling, but there is more than one way to use this sweet and tangy condiment. From barbecue chicken to your favorite veggies, this unique seasoning is the quickest way to perk up your meal.

Hot and Sweet Ketchup Masala, Instant Seasoning Mix
You can turn a boring snack into a lip-smacking one with our Hot and sweet ketchup seasoning. The unique twist of tomatoes and chilies will make your daily food amazing-est!. The user friendly sprinkler is designed to ensure easy serving. This way, you can enjoy various snacks without making a mess.